Corner Sofas With Style

As you may know, we moved house last year.  We went from having a separate living room to open plan kitchen living.  Our sofas fitted really well in our old living room but although we now actually have a bigger floor space one of the sofas blocks off our kitchen island making it a little awkward to sit at.

When we were planning our house build we always knew our sofas wouldn’t fit the space as well as we would have liked. Also we didn’t like the idea of having the back of our sofa on the other side of the breakfast bar.  It meant we would have our backs to whoever was sitting at the island or working in the kitchen.  For us, the whole idea of open plan living was that our living space became more sociable and not have our backs to one another.

Although we knew this was how it would be at first, it was something we could live with until we could afford to purchase new sofas.

We love the idea of a corner sofa.  It would solve all our problems.  A corner sofa would mean the living space would be opened up and you’d no longer have your back to the kitchen.  In a way it would look like we had more floor space, although physically that’s impossible, and it would mean we could sit at the breakfast bar without being squashed in by the back of the sofa.

Now, there are thousands of sofas out there but I really struggled to find a nice, stylish, corner sofa that will not break the bank.  They’re actually a lot harder to come by than you think especially when you have certain requirements

We Do Not Want A Chaise

When you search ‘corner sofa’ on the net I can’t tell you how many ‘chaise’ sofas were coming back.  When was a chaise longue classed as a corner sofa and what makes it any more of a corner sofa than a regular sofa?  Surely it’s just a standard shaped sofa with a footrest attached, no?  Although this one from Dwell (see below image) is lovely, essentially we want two sofas joined together at a right angle, you know that kinda form a corner…ok just saying, rant over.

Dwell-modular-corner sofa

We want arms!

Yep arms please, two of them, not just one.  There are lots of corner sofas out there that only have one arm.  Why?!? Who doesn’t love curling up on the sofa, resting their head on the arm and watching a film or if you’re anything like me falling asleep?

They also serve as an ideal corner to prop up small children.  I couldn’t cope with a sofa that doesn’t have arms I don’t understand what people lean on when there isn’t an arm. Maybe it’s just me.  Anyway, don’t take the arms away, I need them!


Well it goes without saying really.  It seems when it comes to style the corner sofa gets left by the wayside. Yes we want something functional that you can comfortably sprawl out on but doesn’t compromise on style. Think button backs, splayed legs, mid-century, lush fabrics, I could go on but instead I’ve trawled the web to hunt down the top 4 corner sofas that wont break the bank.

I am completely in love with this G Plan sofa.  Do I even need to point out it’s wooden framed side panels and distinctive single seat cushions.  It might be on the more expensive side but made in England, The Fifty Nine truly is a timeless classic.

G Plan

I’ve only recently stumbled across The English Sofa Company.  Made in Manchester, they have unlimited modular combinations and colour options so if you have a specific size in mind these are the guys to see.


The English Sofa Company – Modular


If you are looking for WOW factor, then Habitat’s Colby corner sofa is definitely the one for you.  It is available in other colours and fabrics, although why you wouldn’t want it in orange velvet is beyond me.  I have serious sofa envy going on right here.



Habitat – Colby

The forever coveted Zinc by French Connection.  If you are massive fan of scandi style then this really is the sofa for you.  Also available in teal and other shades of greys and neutrals, with it’s classic design this corner sofa really would suit any interior.


Zinc by French Connection for DFS

We’re yet to decide on which sofa we’ll be going for.  We’re still getting used to our new living space and want to make sure we choose something the right size that will suit our growing family.  Have you got a sofa dilemma? Would love to hear if you’ve seen any stylish corner sofas or if you have one at home let me know!

2 thoughts on “Corner Sofas With Style

  1. hodgepodgedays says:

    Finding the right sofa is so hard. I’ve long lusted after a corner sofa and you’ve picked out some real beauties. I think corner sofas are great for family rooms. It’s on my list, thanks for finding some stunners!


  2. julesmadden says:

    Oh I hear you! We wanted a corner sofa but instead went for two three seaters in the same arrangement with a small table in the corner for all of my clutter… um.. I mean important things 😀 Like my cups of tea and crafty projects I’m doing! I love all the ones you’ve chosen but I love the g plan one the most!


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