Colour Pop Bags

Colour Pop

1. Zig Zag Clutch
2. Clean Block Barrel Bag
3. Neon Pink Tassel Clutch Bag
4. Hoxton Satchel
5. Colour Block Clutch
6. Colour block doctors bag

I’ve been on a mission to find a replacement work bag for a while.  The one I currently use has no structure and I need something a bit more sturdy without being boring.  Make sense?
Whilst scouring the web you can’t help but notice neon literately flashing at you from the screen.  Whilst I like to play it safe with fashion a little bit of colour can brighten up any outfit or your day for that matter!

Here are some of my favourite bags.  Ok ok there might be the odd clutch bag in there.  Ok, fine, three clutch bags!  Not exactly a  practical work bag I know but they were sooooooo nice I had to include them.
Have you bought a bag recently or thinking of upgrading?  Let me know as I still haven’t found the perfect one!  Although I quite like No. 2 and No. 4 and No. 6………………….

6 thoughts on “Colour Pop Bags

  1. Tina Fuller says:

    Yay! First! (Well it’s the little things isn’t it?)
    Am loving the colours on these bags! Especially the green satchel type one!
    I work in quite an odd environment, I have to be smart, but not stuffy, so I stick to a classic bag type for work, black with gold bits on from Dune for winter and a camel patient bowling type from Next for summer. I have however, been looking for a nice weekend casual bag, something that will go with my jeans and baggy t’s for the weekend, so thanks for the inspo! Now, to the shops!


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