Birmingham Blognix

Recently I attended an event hosted by Rosalilium called Blognix.  You might have seen me tweeting about it several hundred times!!
The idea behind the event was a bloggers conference that also gave you the chance to mingle, chat, network and eat!  All of my favourite things!
We listened to some inspiring speakers namely Jen from A Little Bird Told Me and Emma over at The Freelance Lifestyle who gave some really good advice and we also got the opportunity to attend two out of three workshops.  The choices were Blog Design, Monetising Your Blog and Photography.  As you may have already noticed I’ve recently had a little blog makeover so I went for the last two choices.
Both were really interesting workshops although I preferred photography with Hazel Paterson.  Any excuse to take photos!  I learnt some useful tips and got the opportunity to take some photos at The Custard Factory.  Somewhere I’ve been meaning to visit for ages!

Vintage fabrics and other objects

This couple looked so cute laughing

Amazing sculpture

I really really wanted this dress!!

Some vintage treasure

I honestly came away from the event feeling so motivated and inspired that my head was spinning!
What were the biggest tips I learnt? 


Sometimes it’s easier to look at the bigger bloggers and think ‘that’s how I should be doing it’, but concentrate more on your own style and not someone else’s.  Everyone had to start somewhere.  If I’m honest I kind of lost sight of why I started this blog.  I started this blog so I could be me, not somebody I think I should be and I wanted to develop my photography skills more.  

Have you ever been to a bloggers conference or met up with any other bloggers?  What do you blog about?

P.s  I’ve had a little blog makeover thanks to Jenny & The Magic Feather.  What dya think?  I feel all posh haha.

6 thoughts on “Birmingham Blognix

  1. Imogen Smith says:

    I wish I had chosen the photography workshop instead of blog design. I heard a lot of laughter over from your little group!! Was great to meet you and everyone else at Blognix 🙂 xx


  2. says:

    I think developing your own style & blog voice is sooo important. I had a great time at #Blognix too, sorry didn't get to meet you though as I had just recently discovered your blog! I would have loved to have gone to your Manchester meet up, so will def keep an eye out for any future ones 🙂 x


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