NW Blogger Meet Up (change of date)

Ok my lovelies,

When I decided to organise the bloggers meet up I didn’t imagine for one minute there’d be such a massive response!

I’ve been overwhelmed by the amout of people who want to get involved and by this I don’t just mean bloggers.

I originally intended for us to meet on a Saturday and browse the shops, etc but things have snowballed and as there are so many of us I thought it might be best to move it to a Sunday and let the shops come to us!!

Spout Coffee Shop based at 70 The Passion Pit, where I work part-time, are keen to meet all you lovely bloggers and they’ve helped me put together a very special day for us all.

The Wig Factory on the first floor have offered a free blow dry or updo for anyone interested or alternatively if there’s a particular style you’d like to learn how to do such as pincurls, etc let me know.  I’m sure one of the staff will show you how it’s done.

If hair isn’t your thing and beauty is where you’re at then head upstairs to The Pamper Pit on the second floor where beauty workshops will be taking place.  Looking for something specific?  Head massage, skin care, let me know and I’ll see what can be done.

If neither of those tick your boxes then Jessica Shaw clothes designer who recently exhibited at The Clothes Show, is looking forward to meeting you and talking all things fashion!

And finally if none of that floats your boat well there’s awesome coffee, tea and homemade cakes but most importantly there’s blogging!!  I for one am really looking forward to meeting everyone.

So, if you could all please leave a comment like the one below and let me know if you can make the following date………….Sunday 3rd February  12 – 4pm

1. Yes or No
2. Leave your email address
3. Is there anything specific you would like to learn at The Wig Factory or The Pamper Pit?

Hope you can all make it.

27 thoughts on “NW Blogger Meet Up (change of date)

  1. Becky Conroy says:

    Nooooooooo I am getting my hair done on the 2nd and seeing parents for birthday tea so won't be able to make it down 😦 Next time. Hope everyone has fun and look forward to reading about it. xx


  2. Vic says:

    I would LOVE to come but I'm home that weekend for my little bro's birthday – such a shame!! Definitely keeping an ear out for the next one 😉 Hope all goes well! x


  3. Lauren Chadwick says:

    Derr yes;)! Well it's not like I have to catch a bus/train to say all I have to do is roll out of bed and walk through town :D. It's such a shame the chippy isn't open or everyone could of gone home with fish and chips. It's such a shame too that the Totally Locally Market isn't on either! You have planned out a perfect day and it's lovely to show off Leek aswell :D. Atleast my camera is full of pictures I'm not bothered on what I learn or do.

    I'll spread the word!



  4. Charlotte says:

    I'll need to check trains and whatnot, but I'm like 90% sure I'll be coming- I'll let you know all the details when it's definitely a yes! Sounds incredible though, you're a star for sorting it out xxx


  5. Sara Louise. says:

    1. Yes please!I Vicky told me about you doing this, and it sounds awesome! I'm home that weekend and home is Endon, which is five mins away from Leek.
    2. email is waisteclothing@gmail.com
    3. Any makeup tips would be great from the Pamper Pit, particulary skincare, as mine is terrible.

    Excited already! xx


  6. Amy says:

    I'm not going to be able to make it I'm afraid 😦
    I'm stuck at work and I won't be able to get out of it

    Have a fantastic time everyone! 🙂

    Amy xx


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