There’s a Detective in Town

Recently I’d arranged to have a girly weekend in London with one of my closest friends.  We’ve known each other for 23 years.  Long time eh.  Due to us now living in different parts of the country and both having fellas we don’t get to spend much time together without the boyfriends in tow.  This particular weekend though we ditched our fellas and headed into London Town.  Wooo let the excitement commence. 
We had an awesome day out.  We drank Raspberry Martinis, ate tapas, people watched from street side restaurants and chatted our hearts out.
We then headed over to the V&A where we were lucky enough to get tickets for the Hollywood Exhibition.  To say I was excited was an understatement!  This is a must see exhibition.  Where else can you see Marilyn Monroe’s infamous white dress and Dorothy’s ruby red slippers?  There were so many more iconic outfits from films such as The Blues Brothers, Chicago, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Elizabeth, etc the list is endless.  What I loved most about this exhibition was how the V&A went to so much effort to describe the relationship between the characters, costume designer and director.  It certainly makes me appreciate a characters outfit a lot more.  If you going into London head over to the exhibition but make sure you books tickets in advance, they’re selling out quick!
After the exhibition we felt a drink was in order.  We’d heard about a very special bar off Earls Court Road where all was not as it seemed.  Let me introduce you to the Evans & Peel Detective Agency.
Off Earls Court Road down a side street is a locked black door, lit by an overhead lantern.  People are hovering around outside waiting to get in.  The sign on the door reads ‘Evans & Peel Detective Agency’.
Eventually the door opens and a woman dressed in a 1920’s outfit looks us up and down and asks about our ‘case’.  We tell her we are looking to acquire some drinks and she finally agrees to let us in………….
Now if you’re the kind of person who goes to London a lot and are considering going to this bar, stop reading!  The element of surprise was one of the many things I loved about this place.
After the door was locked and bolted behind us we were taken down the winding stairs into the ‘office’.  Here we were interrogated about our case.  When we told her we were just looking for a drink she rolled her eyes and quipped ‘you do realise this is a detective agency don’t you?’ and so the role play began.  After much hilarity and dodgy acting on our part she finally agreed we could go through to the bar.  She handed us our case files, which were actually menus and pushed open the bookcase, which of course was actually door through to the bar!
We sat at the bar and took it all in.  The 1920’s decor, the blues playing in the background, the beer which is poured through a radiator, the cocktails served in china cups and the fabulous staff make this place.  I loved everything about it.  Ok so prices weren’t cheap at £10 a cocktail but I have to say it was worth every penny for it the overall experience.
So next time you’re in London and you feel there’s a case to be solved head over to Evans & Peel Detective Agency for an experience you wont forget!
What have you been up to lately?  Have you been to anywhere as random as Evans & Peel?

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