These Boots Are Made For Walking

A few weeks ago I received an email from the lovely people over at Barratts.  They’d seen my recent post describing my failed mission for a pair of boots (click here) and decided I was in need of some obvious help.  Their offer?  To send me a pair of boots of my choice. Well, I nearly keeled over.  In fact I thought it was a new breed of spam email and I waited for the catch.  Turns out there wasn’t one.

After spending hours, and I literally do mean hours trawling the endless choices on their website, I finally chose a pair of boots.  I’m quite fussy when it comes to footwear and I had a pretty good idea of what I was after, which sometimes makes things tricky.

     My Checklist

  1. They had to be black
  2. With a broad heel
  3. Could be worn with skinny jeans or dresses
  4. Must not give me a cankle!!!

Two days later my boots arrived and I have to say their website doesn’t do them justice.  They look even better in real life.

Not only that but I’ve had a serious amount of compliments over these boots.  My teenage sister!  My Mother! The Boyfriend!  Even a Builder!!!  It’s safe to say I feel fairly smug with my choice and they have certainly become a staple part of my wardrobe.  In fact I have virtually worn them everyday since they’ve arrived and I think I’ve even developed a bit of strut!!  I’m not joking!  It’s as if the streets have become my catwalk!  I need to remember, I am not a super model and therefore should not walk like one!! Except, I can’t help it, these boots make me feel good!  Dare I go as far to say ‘they complete me’?  Ok maybe not but they definitely complete my wardrobe!!

I think what I love about these boots is they fit all of my criteria.  They go with everything.  They’re comfy.  Look good and sit right on the ankle.  There’s nothing worse than wearing a cute dress only for your boots to sit just above your ankle giving the illusion of cankles.  You can tell I’ve got a hang up over this right?

But enough about my hang ups!  Back to the boots and how I wore them……..

Casual drinks with the girls
How I wore them to the office

Sometimes in life there is no catch! And to top it off Barratts have got a massive sale on AND free delivery!!  They really do spoil us!!

28 thoughts on “These Boots Are Made For Walking

  1. Josie says:

    What a fab choice, those boots are so lovely! You're right, the website doesn't do them justice they look way better in your outfit pics then they do on there. (Love your hair by the way, it's really pretty.) xxx


  2. Melanie says:

    I just purchased tan boots like these and black flat “biker” boots and now they are wardrobe essentials! I never thought I'd like a small heel but I'm a covert! Yours look lush 🙂


  3. Felicity says:

    I love these – ankle boots can be such a pain to find, cankle avoiding wise! Love the way these go down slightly at the front. Now following you! Felicity x


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