Clearing Out The Closet

I know I’m not alone when I say I have clothes in my wardrobe I havent worn in years.  In fact there are some clothes in my wardrobe that I’ve never even worn!  Brand new clothes with tags. Unworn. Come on ladies I know I’m not alone here.  I’ve been contemplating why I do this and there are several reasons……..

1.  I decided at some point there would be an opportunity to wear ‘that’ item.

2.  I wanted to return the item but lost the receipt or my 30 days was up.

3.  The item was so cheap (most likely from Primark) that it would have cost me more in petrol and parking to return the item, than what I actually paid for the it!

4.  I wore the item once and realised the stores changing room must have been using special effects to make me believe I looked amazing.  The reality however was not so good.

5.  I decided I no longer liked the item and would sell it on Ebay (when I got a spare moment).  Which is never.

6.  The moment I get rid of something I’ll need it aka Sods Law so it makes sense to keep everything for ‘just in case purposes’.

My wardrobe is now buldging at the seams and my boyfriends section mysteriously seems to be getting smaller.  Something which hasn’t gone unnoticed by him.  The trouble I’ve found when you have so many clothes is you loose track of what you have and end up wearing the same favourite trusty outfits!  This just would not do!

When The Clothes Bank opened up in town I decided it was time to have a clear out.  You take in good quality shoes, clothes and accessories, they weigh them and in return they give you cash. Kerrrching!

I attacked my wardrobe with determination and took a photo just to prove it.

Not a bad effort eh?

To the Clothes Bank we go

My clothes weighed in at 22kilos……..

How much did I get?????  Well ok, I only got £12.60 but hey thats a quarter of the way towards a brand new pair of shoes and a whole load of space to fill………….hehe.

13 thoughts on “Clearing Out The Closet

  1. Kat Shenton says:

    I stop and start. I get rid of a few bits then realise I have nothing to wear so buy more stuff… that I never wear. Well done for just goin for it. Don't think of the cash but the space in the wardrobe lol.


  2. Louise Mc says:

    I do this all the time. I don't think it's from lack of taking stuff back either, I just convince myself I need stuff that in reality I've never needed. Over the past few months I have lost count of the number of trips I've made to the charity shop, if only we had a clothes bank instead at least I could have made some cash. That said, I have sold a fair bit on eBay too.


  3. Tina Fuller says:

    I have a loft shop. Every now and then I will raid my wardrobe, clear out winter, add summer …..still waiting to have the need to do that atm…..put things into cases that are size and season labelled and pop them in the loft.
    Then, a year or so later, when I remember that I have a really cool T or a jacket that would be perfect with my new dress I just get the ladder out and visit my loft shop! Its old, but it feels like new!


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