My First Outfit Post!!

Hey Everyone

So, today I’d thought I’d jump on the ol bandwagon and do my first ever outfit post.

I dont know why I’m doing this because I absolutely detest having my photo taken. I always pull a silly face at the last moment or do a fake smile but I do love clothes and a challenge.  So, I’ve bitten the bullet and persuaded my sister to take some photos of me whilst no one else was around.

Without further ado here is a quick outfit of what I wear to work.  Oh and I am wearing shoes by the way but my sister cut them off!

Dress- H&M, Blazer-Topshop, Belt-River Island

Shoes: River Island

Happy Monday lovely followers. x

21 thoughts on “My First Outfit Post!!

  1. Vogue With Me says:

    You have to do it more often! Lovely combination of summerish effortless dress with a belt and blazer ( which gives just a right touch of seriousness). Oh, and you're smile is great!



  2. Becky Conroy says:

    Great outfit post! Love the dress and the blazer is really cute and the photo is really good! When I've done outfit posts I've always felt a bit funny posing, especially when I have to do it myself with a tripod! x


  3. Emily says:

    I think you look lovely! I know the feeling though, I'm so bad at having my picture taken that I look seriously special in all my outfit posts. Oh well! Such a pretty dress. I hope you do more outfit posts!xx


  4. Renee says:

    Cute outfit! I totally get the weird blogging an outfit feeling, it seems so strange to have outfit photos, but I swear it gets easier, you should do more! 🙂


  5. A Girl I Know says:

    I dont know what happens! I just completely freeze up and pull a stupid face or do a weird pose lol. I much prefer being behind the camera!! Thank you for your lovely comments though 🙂 xx


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